Eagle Scout says man attacked him on Buckhead street



ATLANTA - An Eagle Scout wants to warn neighbors about a terrifying attack on a usually quiet Buckhead street.
He said he was standing on a road in Chastain Park when a man came out of the darkness and threw him to the ground.
The college student, who didn’t want to be identified, said he was waiting on friends while visiting home on summer break when someone ran up behind him and pulled him to the ground punching him. He said when the man stopped, he ran off into the woods. He came back and checked his car and found his wallet gone along with his GPS and iPod.
“I heard footsteps running toward me and as I turned around someone just grabbed me down to the ground by my hair and proceeded to hit me in my head a bunch,” the man said.
He said someone attacked him on West Wieuca Road last Tuesday night as he was waiting for friends outside his former high school. According to the police report, the man punched him in the face and head and threatened shoot him.
“It wasn't until he said, ‘Don't move or I'll shoot you.’ That's when kind of like the fight or flight thing kicked in and I was like, ‘Oh God. This is real,’” the man said.
He said his attacker wore a bandana covering his face. He said the man patted him down for valuables and eventually went toward the student's car which was parked toward the front of the Galloway School parking lot. 
“As soon as he was far enough away, I just bolted into the woods,” the man said.
He said the man took his wallet, iPod and GPS from his car, which had the windows open.
People who live in the area were surprised to hear of an attack in such an open, popular spot.
“Just to be aware of your surroundings,” said resident Leslie Currah. “So I will definitely pay better attention to the folks that are around me.”
The student, who's an Eagle Scout, said the friends he was meeting were also in Boy Scouts with him and never thought something like this would happen here. 
“They didn't believe me at first because like I said that's like a safe place where we all grew up,” the man said.
He told us he just wants other people to be aware this happened to him. Atlanta police say they are investigating but at this time they haven't identified any suspects.