Dunwoody officers honored with tactical diaper bags

By: Amy Napier Viteri


DUNWOODY, Ga. - The city of Dunwoody honored two of its police officers for their quick and compassionate actions during a recent shoplifting arrest. 
Officers Mark Stevens and Kerry Stallings responded to the call at the Walmart on Ashford Dunwoody Road, and when officers were taking two suspects into custody, they found two small children in the car. 
"Still in diapers in desperate need of a change," said Chief Billy Grogan. "And not happy about it I can tell you."
"I'm very surprised at all the comments and all the attention we received," Stevens told Channel 2 Action News. "Didn't think twice about it."
Both officers are fathers to young daughters and said changing a diaper came naturally to them, even if it was unexpected on the job. 
"As soon as we knew that everybody was out of the car, I started screaming, ‘Find a diaper bag. Find a diaper bag in the car,’” Stevens said.
News of the officers quick action went viral. 

"Their actions have been dubbed ‘diaper duty,’ ‘diaper dads,’ ‘diaper cops’ or even ‘doody duty,’” joked Grogan. 
The city honored both men with humor as well as a Dunwoody police tactical diaper bag. 
"It's a diaper bag with all the essentials that we carry with us on duty," explained Stallings. "Just in case we run into another doody, we can take care of that too."
Grogan said the officers' actions exemplified what being an officer is about, showing concern and compassion for those unable to take care of themselves. 

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