• Drivers: Train causing 2-hour delays in Gwinnett


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Some drivers in Gwinnett County say they're tired of waiting for trains to cross the tracks.
    Residents say the trains are constantly blocking the roadways, sometimes for up to two hours.
    They worry what might happen if there is an emergency when the road is blocked.
    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas went to Arnold Road, where it took less than 10 minutes before a train arrived and blocked the road.
    Residents say at unpredictable times, and for unpredictable lengths of times, CSX trains stop across the tracks.
    “It’s very inconvenient,” said resident Cathy Coker.
    Michael Binnette and others say they’ve waited for two hours at times.
    “We are constantly debilitated by the train,” said Binnette. “Either way you’re going to have to go around.”
    Providing rerouting directions to other drivers is a constant, along with his complaints to CSX.
    Thomas said he called the Federal Railway Administration. He learned there are no laws limiting how long trains can block a roadway. A CSX spokesperson emailed Thomas, and said freight volume and schedule variation make it nearly impossible to time trains. So that they avoid congested areas at peak commuting times.  To the best of its ability, CSX minimizes blocked crossings.
    “I would like for them to hear our cries and just move out of the way, even 100 yards,” said Binnette.

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