Drivers say pay stations aren't protecting them from boots

by: Carl Willis Updated:


ATLANTA - An Atlanta City Council member is taking aim at parking lots that don't issue receipts.

Kwanza Hall introduced a new ordinance that would require lots to dispense some sort of proof that a customer has paid to park.

He said the problem is those older non-automated pay stations where customers slide bills into a slot with a metal stuffer, and hope for the best.

"We put our money in here and we think we put the right parking spot in, but what do you do when you come out and your car's booted," said Atlanta visitor Karrie Henson.

Hall said he became involved in the issue when a resident told him he paid for parking, only to get a boot that caused thousands of dollars of damage to his vehicle.

"I just think we need to do better, and I'm just going to challenge the parking lot owners who have these kind of lots to step their game up and do better by our citizens," Hall said.

Hall said he is working with the city's legal department and the public works and utilities department on the ordinance.

"With the receipts there's a record for everyone, and I think it just keeps everyone in bounds," he said. "I want to make sure the immobilization devices aren't causing damage."

Hall said the city will likely conduct a survey to determine the number of parking lots that use older pay stations. After that, he said they'll reach out to parking lot owners and decide the next step.