• Dozens of Midtown apartments damaged by flooding

    By: Jessica Jaglois


    ATLANTA - Residents of a Midtown luxury high-rise spent Labor Day cleaning after a water main burst in the building. The pipe burst on the 13th floor of 77 12th Street, leaking tens of thousands of gallons of water to the apartments below.
    Resident Joe Pyzik said he and his wife woke up to a loud thud.
    “We walked out there and we heard some screaming. Then the flood gates opened up. I mean, it was pouring down the steps,” Pyzik said.
    It’s unclear what caused the water main to break but in an email to residents, management said, they are working to extract water from the 13th floor down. The elevators weren’t working due to the flooding, so residents had to walk anywhere from six to 23 floors to get home.
    However, some people couldn’t stay in their apartments.
    “The flood people came in and told me I have to take all my stuff out,” said resident Abi Mangel. “They have to rip out everything, the floors, the carpets, the walls - you can see the wall has water. Everything has to be replaced.”
    The building opened in May 2013. Apartments range from $1,500 to $3,000.
    Residents told Channel 2 that management officials have said floors 14-23 are unaffected and only apartments on the west side of the building were flooded. However, they say, management hasn’t told them much else, including where to go.
    We reached out to management who said, they couldn’t speak with us because they were busy inspecting the damaged apartments.

    Residents are being put up at the Loews Hotel Monday and Tuesday.

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