Douglasville neighborhood dealing with smelly remnants of old sewage plant


DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. - As Douglas County transforms from rural countryside to golf course communities, it's dealing with a smelly problem.

One of those problems is along golf Ridge Boulevard in Douglasville.

Beautiful subdivisions and the Chapel Hill golf course now wrap around the site of a former sewage treatment plant that used to be far from sensitive noses.

Channel 2's Jeff Dore went there with the director of the Douglasville Water and Sewer Authority, Pete Frost.

"It sits down in a bowl so that unfortunately the odor just sits here," Frost said.

Years ago, as people filled in the area, the water and sewer authority replaced the treatment plant with a huge pump push the sewage to a plant far away.

But a cloying stink still seeps from those vents and wafts across the fairways.

"What was tolerable or acceptable or expected 10 years ago, or 15 years ago, or 20 years ago is no longer accepted. We just have to upgrade with the times and I don't disagree with that," Frost said.

The water and sewer authority is about to buy a $62,000 air filter and has a program to deodorize other facilities around the county.

"It's like a cigarette filter, think of it like a cigarette filter," Frost said.

When Douglas County's water and sewer authority built its new treatment plant, it plopped it down on 300 acres, resolving any further issues of suburban encroachment.