Douglasville Council overrides mayor's Sunday sales veto

by: Richard Elliot Updated:

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. - Barely a week after Douglasville's mayor vetoed an ordinance that would have allowed voters to decide on Sunday alcohol sales, the City Council voted Monday to override that veto.
The Douglasville City Council voted May 7 to hold a referendum on Sunday sales during the November elections. Even then, some council members had reservations about the idea, but voted to allow citizens to make the final decision.

On May 15, Mayor Harvey Persons vetoed that ordinance, citing worry about public safety, among other concerns. When the issue returned to the council agenda for Monday's meeting, the council voted unanimously in support of the referendum.

The issue is divisive for many people in the community.
At Mane Attraction Barber Shop, the owner and his customer had differing opinions.
"I drink, so I'm all for it," said shop owner Nick Cameron.  "I think we're the ones who should decide anyway."
As Cameron cut Larry Smith's hair, Smith chimed in his own opinion.
"Seven days a week is just too much," said Smith.  "Liquor is like a drug. Really, it's more dangerous than a drug."
Next door, Douglasville Package Store owner Pravin Patel expressed his opposition to Sunday sales, which he believes would hurt more than help him.
"Six days is enough," said Patel.  "I have lots of people review.  There's not much business on Sunday.  We don't need Sunday sales."