Manhunt continues for shooter that left 2 dead

by: Craig Lucie Updated:

Police are investigating a double shooting that has left one person dead at a DeKalb County rec center.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators continue to look for at least one person who is wanted for fatally shooting two people at a public pool at a DeKalb County park.

Alfred Smith said he immediately pulled over off Clifton Church Road when the gunman was gone and he saw two men on the ground.

He checked on one and said he wasn't breathing, so he ran to the other victim, started CPR when he noticed the suspect coming back to the scene.

"This guy comes back without a gun, just walking as casual as we do and walks by me to make sure both are dead and he walks down that pathway," Smith explained.

But seconds before that Smith said he quickly grabbed his gun.

"When I saw him coming, I went to the car and got mine. That's all," said Smith.

The parking lot where witnesses say the shots were fired border Gresham Park and the neighborhood pool. The pool is always closed on Mondays, but police said families were in the park when multiple shots rang out.

"(Sounded) like firecrackers to me. It was about six to seven shots. It was like da da da. Like a pow," explained Milton Little who wasn't far from the scene.

We were there as family members rushed to Gresham Park and embraced each other.

One of them told Channel 2's Craig Lucie her 21-year-old nephew is one of the victims.

"They don't know where he was shot. They won't tell me nothing," a family member said.

She said he was in an argument with someone.

Investigators placed several evidence markers near shell casings.

DeKalb County police are interviewing witnesses to find out if the gunman acted alone.

"At this point we are still looking for a suspect or suspects," said DeKalb County spokeswoman Mekka Parish.