• Extra air bag recall could confuse Dodge owners

    By: Jim Strickland


    ATLANTA - Owners of certain Dodge vehicles may end up with an extra air bag recall.

    Consumer investigator Jim Strickland learned the passenger side airbag on more than 250,000 vehicles has two separate fixes.  The inflators are made with a controversial propellant that can explode and hurl metal at the occupants.

    There are parts for a passenger inflator recalled in late 2014, but no parts for the same inflator, recalled again three months ago. 


    "It got frustrating because again there were no parts," said Dodge truck owner Mark Trail of Tyronne.

    Strickland learned Fiat Chrysler reissued the recall a new and even safer inflator.  The latest model is not available yet, although the first repair inflator is.  That first part is going to get recalled again, but it still affords better protection than the old inflator Trail has.  More than 200,000 drivers have yet to make even the initial repair.

    "I may very well go ahead and could get that fixed," Trail said.

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