Disabled parking fine fueling patron's frustration

by: Erica Byfield Updated:



A disabled man says he never had to pay for parking until PARKatlanta took over.

Jerry Phillips, a Lilburn resident, lost his right leg in 2011.

He told Channel 2's Erica Byfield prior to obtaining a disabled tag, he had a placard due to extreme pain in his leg.

Recently, Phillips took his wife and her aunt to the popular restaurant Mary Mac's in midtown Atlanta.

Phillips parked his truck in a handicap spot near the entrance.

He told Byfield he didn't realize it was a metered spot until he came outside.

"I don't know anywhere that charges for a space for a handicap spot if you have a permit," Phillips said.

Phillips tried to fight the $25 ticket.

"I was told by the City of Atlanta when I called about this ticket that everything on the street has to be paid for if you are in a parking space," he said.

He lost his appeal. 

We checked and there are other metered disabled parking spots in Atlanta.  A Channel 2 photographer found three near City Hall.

A PARKatlanta spokesperson told Channel 2 it is standard practice to charge for all metered parking spots.

"It left a bitter tastes in my mouth after having such a good meal at Mary Mac's, to come outside and see a parking ticket on my truck," Phillips said.

Phillips told Byfield he doubts he will be back.