Developer plans to revitalize empty lot near new Falcons' Stadium

by: Rachel Stockman Updated:


ATLANTA - A developer with land near the new Falcons stadium says after some neighborhood opposition, he has withdrawn plans to turn a large empty lot into a paid parking area.

"We are looking forward to taking advantage of the revitalization in the area because of the new Falcons stadium,” said H. Jerome Russell, who is the president of H.J. Russell & Co.

Russell says he envisions a three to four-story mixed-use development on the property near Haynes and Chapel streets in Southwest Atlanta.

“(The lot) has been sitting there for quite some time since I’ve been living here,” said Lakisha Butler, who lives in the area.

The developer originally submitted a zoning application to remove restrictions to allow for Park for Hire. This would allow parking attendants to charge stadium-goers to park in the lot. But many neighbors opposed the plan.

“It would cause too much traffic here,” said Brooke Watkins, a Morehouse medical student, who lives at some nearby apartments.

Russell told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman this weekend that his attorney withdrew the application, and plans are underway for the mixed use development.

“It is around a lot of the schools and it would be nice to have more housing that students can live in,” Watkins said.

The developer says the project will likely take three to four years. He hopes to meet with neighbors after the holiday weekend.