Detectives recount daycare crime scene in Sneiderman trial

by: Richard Elliot Updated:


DECATUR, Ga. - Andrea Sneiderman sobbed in court Tuesday as a detective recounted the day of her husband Rusty's slaying outside a Dunwoody day care center in 2010.

Det. Sgt. Gary Cortellino testified about the crime scene at Dunwoody Prep Day Care at the time Sneiderman arrived.

Prosecutors allege Sneiderman already knew her husband Rusty had been shot by the time she drove up to the scene and then lied about it to police and on the stand during Hemy Neuman's murder trial.

The District Attorney's Office offered evidence that she called Rusty's father, Don Sneiderman, while she was driving to the day care center.

Sneiderman maintained she didn't learn Rusty had been shot until she arrived at Atlanta Medical Center.

Cortellino said on the stand that he did not tell Sneiderman her husband had been shot, but admitted there was evidence of a shooting in clear view of many people outside the day care center.

"Some of the officers that had already arrived there had already started circling the shell casings that were left at the scene," said Cortellino. "The officers' spray paint around some shell casings left from the bullets that were shot at the scene."

Prosecutors also alleged Sneiderman lied about an alleged romantic affair between her and her boss Neuman.

But Sneiderman's friend, Tammi Parker, testified that she was worried about Neuman's advances.

"She expressed concern," Parker said. "She said, 'This isn't in my head. My boss is definitely hitting on me.' She was very nervous about it. She was very concerned about the idea he might show up at her hotel room on this trip, and she just felt nauseated and didn't know what to do."

Earlier in the day, Sneiderman told Judge Gregory A. Adams she would delay her decision whether to testify until after her attorneys presented a defense.