• Driver sought for allegedly pulling gun on woman

    By: Carl Willis


    DALLAS, Ga. - Deputies are investigating a possible case of road rage after a woman says another driver pulled a gun on her in traffic.
    The woman said she was driving on East Paulding Drive in Dallas on Sunday when another driver sped right up to her bumper several times.
    "He got so close as if he was going to clip my bumper," she said.
    She didn't want to be identified out of concern for her safety, but said the man in a dark grey Infinity G35 got ahead of her and tried to cut her off.
    When they got to the traffic light at Highway 120-E, she said the man pulled a gun.
    She told Channel 2's Carl Willis only one thought raced through her mind.
    "’I don't want to die,’" she said. "I can't believe that someone thought that was an acceptable behavior. I did nothing aggressive."
    The Paulding County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case as aggravated assault. 
    "He took a gun and held it out the window, and turned around," said the victim. "He looked at me the entire time, with the gun out the window through the turn."
    The sheriff's office spokesperson said they need to speak with the other driver.
    "We're trying to determine who exactly this was," said Cpl. Ashley Henson. "Were they pointing the weapon at the victim? What exactly went on? All we have is one side of the story." 
    Deputies have issued a lookout.
    They said the man turned left on HWY 120-E and continued into Cobb County.
    The victim said she got the driver's license tag number and identified him in a photo.
    Investigators are still working to locate him to get his side of the story.
    If you have information that could help contact the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office at 770-443-3015.

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