Deputies raid horse racing, gambling operation


MERIWETHER COUNTY, Ga. ,None - Deputies broke up an elaborate horse racing operation that featured gambling, liquor and professional equipment at a location in northeastern Meriwether County, official said.

Authorities who raided the site on Sunday said they found up to 300 people and an elaborate race track with fencing, a starting gate and professional timekeeping equipment.

“We received several complaints of this going on for the past few weeks on Sunday afternoon. We began investigating the complaints and immediately uncovered a lot of evidence that led us to executing this search warrant,” Sheriff Steve Whitlock said.

Inside the racing facility, police found 33 horses, trucks and horse trailers, and concession stands selling beer and liquor, according to deputies.

“There was an elaborate race track for these horses to run on consisting of fencing, sand and a starting gate, much like the ones you would see at the Kentucky Derby,” Whitlock said.

The Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office confiscated everything at the location, including the horses that are being housed at the QC Arena in nearby Gay, Ga. Patrons at the facility were questioned by deputies, but officials did not release the names and charges of those who were arrested.

“This wasn’t just a Sunday afternoon race. It was well thought out,” Whitlock said.