Armed robbers target delivery drivers

by: Mike Petchenik Updated:

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Sandy Springs police issued a warning to fast-food delivery drivers after a string of armed robberies. Police believe the four cases are related and have stepped up patrols on the north side of the city.

"Yeah, it was scary," said one victim, who asked Channel 2's Mike Petchenik not to identify him. "They took everything -- my money, my phone, everything."

The victim told Petchenik he had come to an apartment off Colquitt Road in late May to make a delivery when three teenagers approached with a gun and robbed him.

"With the economy, people don't have money," he said.

Christopher Handlee, a chef at a local restaurant, told Petchenik he helped a friend who was robbed during a delivery just a few days prior.

"He came running across the road and said he needed to borrow my phone because he had just been robbed," Handlee said. "He was pretty shaken up."

Sandy Springs police Capt. Steve Rose said in two of the cases, the suspects called from a specific number, but so far police haven't been able to trace the source. Police have posted signs at restaurants telling them to beware of calls from the number and to call police if they receive one.

"We've got some leads on these guys and making some progress on it, but we're really urging safety for these drivers," Rose said.

Rose said if restaurant managers have concerns about a delivery call, they should contact police and look at online crime reports to see if the area has a high number of robberies.

"If there's any fear at all, we're asking them to go to a public place and make the exchange," he said.