DeKalb police chief asked to go back to NY

by: Aaron Diamant Updated:


DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has confirmed the city of Rochester, N.Y., has stepped up its pursuit of a metro Atlanta police chief.

We have been working this story with our Rochester affiliate, WHAM-TV, breaking developments since late last week.

Tuesday afternoon, Rochester Mayor-Elect Lovely Warren said hiring a new police chief is her top priority, and DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander is the man for the job.

"I talked to him by phone," Warren confirmed. "We are still talking. I wanted to reach out to him a long time ago but he had just made it to DeKalb. I knew they had some issues there. For me it was a matter of respecting the fact that he just got there and not knowing if he would consider returning back to Rochester."

Alexander, who was sworn in as DeKalb's police chief just last April, already served as Rochester's interim police chief in 2005.

"(I reached) out to him again, asking him if he would consider it. He is thinking about it," Warren said.

Late Tuesday, Alexander confirmed the phone conversation with Warren, but has not made a decision.

Channel 2 Action News also spoke with Alexander last Friday before Warren's call came.

"Certainly, I'm aware of the outcry from that community for me to come back, and that's very humbling, quite frankly," Alexander said.

The DeKalb chief made one thing clear as he mulls over Rochester's offer.

"I am chief of DeKalb police here, so all of my thoughts and energy are being placed right here in department, doing what I do every day, and that's public safety and keeping this community safe," Alexander said.

We still don't know specifics about Warren's offer however. Alexander's current job pays $162,612 per year. Rochester's outgoing chief of police makes $129,115.