DeKalb police officer shot, released from hospital



DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned a DeKalb County police officer is out of the hospital following a shooting at a gas station Friday.

The shooting happened at the RaceTrac at the corner of Lawrenceville Highway (Highway 29) and Northlake Parkway.

Officials confirm the officer that was shot is Officer Marco Vizcarrondo. He has been with the DeKalb County police since November 1997.

Vizcarrondo received the DeKalb County award for outstanding officer in 2012.

According to DeKalb County Director of Public Safety Dr. Cedric Alexander, investigators ran across a car they said was involved in a gun running investigation. Those officers called 911 to have uniformed officers follow the car.

When the uniformed officers caught up to the car, they turned on their blue light and the suspect car then gave chase, according to Alexander.

The chase was very short and ended when the suspects crashed the car into a sign at the gas station. That's when the two suspects got out, firing guns.

At least two officers got into a shootout with the suspects and one of them was shot in the shoulder, Alexander said.

A DeKalb County police helicopter was deployed to the area to airlift the officer to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Alexander said one of the suspects surrendered to police at the scene. The other suspect ran into a wooded area around the gas station. A K-9 unit tracked down the suspect and he was taken into custody.

DeKalb police released the name of the suspects late Friday night. They have been identified as Rome Crow, 21,  and Isiah McCray, 24. Both men face charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and felony obstruction.

Channel 2 Action News has obtained dashcam video shot of the incident. It shows the suspects getting out of the car and shooting at the officer. (Note: There is music playing in the background of the video. It was not added, the video was shot that way.)

Levar Morris said he was driving along Northlake Parkway when he saw the whole thing unfold.

He said he was heading home from a doctor’s appointment when he says the suspects’ SUV raced past him with the officer’s car in hot pursuit.

“It just flew past me. It was going like 60-70 miles (per hour). Then it hit the Race Trac sign. After that the police flew past me. The guys in the SUV, two of them, jumped out. After that, the police jumped out and they just started firing. It was so fast,” Morris said.

Morris said he was so close to the incident he could hear the guns fire over the music in his car.

"I was really close and the direction he was firing-- it was like toward me," Morris told Channel 2's Carl Willis. "When he jumps out the car you see the gun, it fell on the ground and he picks it up and he turned around and he started to shoot."

That's when he said officers started firing back

Morris said his thoughts and prayers were with the officer and his family.

"I'm glad the officer is all right, that he lived through this," Willis said.

Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes spoke with a woman who lives behind the gas station. She says one of the suspects ran through her backyard.

"I heard all the police cars, sirens, and helicopters, and they were right over our neighborhood," the woman said, asking not to be identified. “I heard the chain rattling on the fence where we lock it, and when I ran out the back door he was already at the bottom of my driveway.”

The woman said she grabbed her .357 magnum handgun and told the suspect to freeze.

"I yelled to my husband and ran back in the house from the porch, to get my gun," the woman said.

At the time she had no idea the man was running from a crime scene nearby.

Officials said Vizcarrondo was released from Grady Friday night.

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