• DeKalb neighbors fed up with ongoing crime

    By: Craig Lucie


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Residents in the Belvedere Park neighborhood in DeKalb County say they are averaging at least one break-in a day and they are fed up.
    While Channel 2's Craig Lucie was interviewing four different crime victims, another burglary happened just three blocks away.
    Maria Rossoto showed Lucie where thieves threw a brick through her window.
    “From Feb. 1 to Feb 28, there were 85 crimes found,” Rossoto said as she pointed to papers she printed from the website crimemapping.com.
    Rodney Reese says after thieves ransacked his home he started mapping the recent crimes in and around Belvedere Park, which is near south Columbia and Memorial Drives in DeKalb County.
    Reese found an alarming map littered with car and home break-ins.
    “Someone kicked in the door and grabbed most of my valuable electronic items. There had been like 28 crimes in 30 days and they were all burglaries and they were all within one mile of my house,” Reese said.
    Lucie and a Channel 2 Action News photographer listened as several residents shared their personal crime stories.
    “I don't know how they got in, but they got in,” explained Gwen Morton who lives around the corner from Rossoto.
    Another neighbor, Melissa Garner, says she’s been a victim three times.
    “They broke into my husband's tool trailer and took all of his tools,” Garner said.
    Neighbors told Lucie they are coming up with a solution called "circle watch."
    “You have everybody's names, numbers and addresses. You have their number at work so you can call and say, ‘Hey, is somebody supposed to be at your house in a red jeep?’ or what have you,” explained Rosotto.
    Each neighbor is responsible for keeping an eye out on the homes immediately around them.
    While Lucie was at Rossoto’s home, a break-in was happening three streets over.
    A neighbor posted on the website, Nextdoor.com, that thieves “broke in while my partner was home and were super-fast. We are so close to getting these guys!”
    The residents at Belvedere Park are holding a community forum Tuesday night at Knollwood Elementary School at 6 p.m.

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