DeKalb man suspects pet died from dog treats

by: Jim Strickland Updated:


DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A DeKalb County man said he's contacted the Food and Drug Administration to add his dog to the growing list of pets suspected to have died after eating pet treats from China.

Gary Conner said a light bulb went off after seeing Channel 2's Jim Strickland's recent consumer investigation.

Conner's dog's name was Crispin, an 8-year-old King Charles spaniel, who was euthanized Oct. 1. The dog suffered terminal kidney failure.

"All of this went from chasing leaves and playing at the park and chasing a squirrel to being on his death bed in 48 hours," said Conner.

The dog had began eating yam treats wrapped in chicken only weeks before the illness. Conner showed Strickland the list of procedures veterinarians at Georgia Veterinary Specialists tried over five days to save Crispin.

"He just was a brave little guy and he loved everybody and I just miss him so much; I just miss him," said Conner.

There is no proof the yam and chicken treats Crispin had eaten had anything to do with this illness. There is also no proof they hurt his other dog. Tests show Conner's cocker spaniel Mikey is hurting. Two independent tests found blood and protein in the dog's urine.

"All of a sudden from two different vets he's showing issues with his kidneys," said Conner, who is joining the growing army of pet owners demanding a recall.

"I can't imagine how many thousands of people out there like me don't even know why their dogs are sick and it may be very well from the treats that they're giving them."

The maker of Waggin' Train treats, Nestle Purina is on record with Strickland that there is no evidence of a link between their products and the hundreds of illnesses and deaths reported to FDA.

The company says their own testing also reveals no issue.

The FDA's five-year investigation continues. It's been nearly two months since FDA has posted an update, and none is planned, Strickland learned.