• Defense lawyer: Dad made mistake by leaving baby in car


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A judge questioned how a father could watch his baby, left in his car, from a third-story window.

    According to deputies, Courtney Kidd went to court and thought he could not bring his 3-month-old daughter inside.

    Deputies said Kidd told them he was watching out for her on the third floor of the Clayton County Courthouse. That didn’t make sense to the judge.

    Clayton County Judge Wanda Dallas believes Kidd's actions were negligent.

    “There’s no guaging how the child is doing; how your daughter is feeling,” said Dallas.

    Phoebe Fletcher, a woman at the courthouse during the incident, said she saw Kidd taking the baby out of the courthouse to his car.

    “He said, ‘I didn't know we couldn't bring babies in,'” Fletcher said.

    Fletcher said when he left the child in the car, she took her out and took her inside the courthouse.

    Deputy Eugene Nobles testified Kidd told officers he kept his eye on the baby from the third floor.

    Kidd’s attorney said his client made a mistake.

    “I think this is a reckless conduct case, your honor. My client acted negligently by leaving his child outside in the car,” said attorney Alfonso Kraft.

    But Kraft insisted it's not child cruelty since the child wasn't harmed.

    Prosecutors said medical records will determine if the child was physically harmed.

    “There could be mental harm as well,” said John Fowler, the prosecuting attorney.

    The judge sent the case to Superior Court for further prosecution. Kidd, meanwhile, is being held on a $20,000 bond. The baby is with her grandmother.

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