Deering Road closed for 6 months


ATLANTA - Starting Monday, a popular Northwest Atlanta cut-through street is closed.

Drivers won’t be able to use Deering Road to connect between Peachtree Street and Northside Drive for six months.

The parking lot below the Amtrak Station, which is attached to the bridge that runs over Interstate 75, is sinking. The busy intersection will be closed so it can all be repaired.
Channel 2’s Ashley Swann spoke with residents in the area about the closure. They said they are used to the steady flow of cars that move through the Loring Heights and Brookwood neighborhoods at all times of day.

“Deering Road is a cut-through. It always has been,” Patrick Wilkes told Swann. “Its closure will be a big impact on this area.”

“I guess it's commuters mostly,” added Lyn Stephens. “We just see everybody and they're all in a hurry."
Residents said the closure will be a headache for them, too.
“Our kids go to school either way on Peachtree Street,” said Stephens. “So that's our main route out of the neighborhood every day."
But she and her neighbors said their main concern is making sure confused and frustrated drivers don't make their already congested neighborhood more dangerous.
“It just makes us nervous with our kids out,” Stephens said.
"Hopefully they'll take the sign's advice and go elsewhere,” said Wilkes.
Crews hope to have the work completed and Deering Road reopened by the end of June.

Triple Team Traffic's Mark Arum said that commuters can use Collier Road to Peachtree Road as an alternate route, or take 17th Street and 14th Street when driving between Peachtree and Northside Drive.