• Decatur residents concerned about coyote traps


    DECATUR, Ga. - Residents of a Decatur neighborhood say animal traps set for coyotes in an area where many people walk are a danger to children and pets.

    Neighbors told Channel 2’s Ashley Swann a dog was recently caught while walking with its owner. They say the woman fractured her wrist trying to free her pet.
    “She was just walking home and I understand that her dog stepped on the trap,” Jeanne Montgomery told Swann. “That's really dangerous.”
    Montgomery said coyotes are certainly concerning. "I don't want my dog to get hurt,” she said. But she and other residents say the recent measures to trap the animals near a section of train tracks off Coventry Road in Decatur are dangerous.

    “We all walk up and down these tracks. Kids play on these railroad tracks,” said Montgomery. “To put it in a neighborhood like this is just crazy."
    Swann did some digging and found that it's perfectly legal for licensed trappers to use leg hold traps to catch coyotes in Georgia, as long as the landowner consents. In this case, the trap was placed on private property.
    Legal or not, many who live in the area said they want the trapping to stop.
    “Traps are just dangerous I think,” Andy Plankerhorn told Swann. “Somebody could get hurt,” added Plankerhorn’s wife, Louise.
    At a minimum, the residents would at least like signs warning of the traps to be put up to alert those who may be walking nearby.
    “I think you need to have a stake or something that says, ‘coyote trap,’ so that people see it,” Montgomery said.

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