Dash cam video shows councilwoman admitting to DUI

by: Richard Elliot Updated:

Winslow has served on the City Council for 21 years.

ATLANTA - Dash cam video shows Atlanta City Councilmember Cleta Winslow admitting to drinking two dirty martinis shortly before she was pulled over by Atlanta police officers and arrested on DUI charges last May.
APD officers arrested Winslow after they said they spotted her commit several traffic violations. 
The Dash Cam video clearly shows her turning left onto Lowery Boulevard and into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing another car. 
Moments later, the video shows her failing to come to a stop at a red light as she turned right onto Oglethorpe Avenue.  And seconds later, the video shows her driving down the middle of that street.
After a brief conversation with Winslow, the officer who pulled her over called in another officer with the DUI task force who spoke with the city councilmember in front of the dash cam.
At one point, he asked her if she remembered turning into oncoming traffic.

“No, but I’m sure you have it on camera,” She replied.

While Winslow told the officer she was an elected official, she didn’t tell him she was a city councilmember until he pressed her.  He admitted he did not recognize her.

“You had two drinks?” the officer asked in the video.
“Yes, sir,” Winslow replied.
“What were they?” asked the officer.
“I had a martini,” said Winslow.
“Just one or two martinis?” the officer questioned.
“I had two martinis,” Winslow answered.
“What kind of martinis,” the officer asked. “Apple martinis, or…?
“I had a dirty martini,” Winslow said.

Winslow declined a field sobriety test, and, as per Georgia law, was placed under arrest.
Eight months later, Winslow pleaded guilty to the DUI charge and was sentenced to community service and a $700 fine.
In a phone interview, Winslow admitted her guilt and said she had made “changes in her lifestyle” and was “moving ahead in a positive direction.”
“I feel grateful that people, knowing what happened, understood I’m a human being and made a mistake,” said Winslow.
Winslow has served on the City Council for 21 years.