DA's office meets with family of man killed in deadly shooting after Ch. 2 gets involved

by: Dave Huddleston Updated:


ATLANTA - A Henry County family says after waiting seven years they are finally getting answers about their brother’s suspicious shooting death after Channel 2 Action News got involved.

In 2007, Byron Washington was shot and killed in his Ansley Park mansion.
The death was ruled self-defense but his siblings have always maintained it was murder.
The DA’s office said they were investigating and would get back with the family. But they say that didn’t happen.
“In seven years we've received two phone calls from this office. From the time you first interviewed us on the 6th of March to the 14th of March, I received seven calls from this office," said Beverly Washington, Byron’s sister.
Washington and her sister Tanya met with Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard. The family says they've been trying for years to have the DA's office continue their investigation into their brother's death. 
Byron Washington was a successful real estate developer. He was fatally shot on Dec. 16, 2007, in his northeast Atlanta mansion. 
The case was ruled self-defense, but investigators called it suspicious and told the family they would look into it. Beverly said it was an empty promise. 
After Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston first report last week, the DA's office called the family saying they wanted to meet with the family. 
Huddleston was there as they walked into the Fulton County District Attorney's Office on Thursday.
Their meeting lasted two hours and when they came out they told Huddleston exactly what happened.
“We did get from him that he would continue to work on this case. That we would get a call every 90 days and let us know what's going on with this case,” Washington said.
The family also said Howard told the family he was sorry.
“He did offer an apology to the fact that his office was slack in their communication to us," Washington said.