Damp weather keeps temperatures down



ATLANTA - The cloudy, damp and cool conditions Tuesday are brought to you by "the wedge."

“Our low-level wind flow is out of the east around an area of high pressure. This wind is bringing cooler temps and some moisture off the Atlantic Ocean,” Severe Weather Team 2 meteorologist David Chandley explained.  “In the mid-levels of the atmosphere, our wind flow is from the south, out of the Gulf of Mexico. This air is warm and humid and traps the cooler air near the ground. We call this ‘overruning.’”

All of those factors constitute the wedge of cooler air against the north Georgia mountains.

“This weather pattern will linger for the next 24 hours, so expect clouds, patchy areas of light rain and cooler-than-normal high temperatures,” Chandley said.

Tuesday's high is not expected to get much past 70 degrees.

Wednesday will bring more clouds and scattered showers, with a high of 70 degrees.

Watch Channel 2 Action News for the complete forecast from Severe Weather Team 2.