Dad delivers baby on highway while getting speeding ticket


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A baby boy is doing well today after his own father delivered him on the side of the road, while getting pulled over for speeding.

Shawna and Danny Lowe of Alabama were driving quickly to a hospital early Sunday morning when Shawna went into labor.

A state trooper pulled them over and that was when little Barrett decided to make his entrance.

Danny jumped into action, delivering his own son on the side of the highway, with the trooper by his side.

The couple left with a baby boy and a special ticket from the trooper.

“This was his official birth certificate because this gave us the time and in the details,” said Danny, holding up the ticket. “He wrote that I was speeding and the wife had a beautiful baby boy.”

The couple says little Barrett is a very healthy baby. They were not given a speeding ticket for the incident.

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