• Crashing tree limb injures 2 men in SUV


    ATLANTA - One man may be paralyzed and another was hurt after a tree limb fell on their parked SUV Saturday night. The family said they're doing their best to keep it together.
    “We heard a boom. My nephew came in the house running, saying that he was stuck in the truck and couldn't get out,” said the victims’ sister, Lisa Smith.
    When the family ran out, they saw brothers Eddie and William Smith trapped in the cab of the vehicle after a tree slammed onto its roof. 
    They were parked on the driveway of their Polar Rock Road home in southwest Atlanta.
    “They were just sitting in the truck, like listening to the music,” Lisa Smith said.
    Eddie Smith was in the passenger seat and while both were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, Eddie was also able to walk out. That was not the case for 38-year-old William Smith.
    “They had to break the door to pull him out,” Lisa Smith said.
    William Smith remains at Grady with extensive injuries.
    “They had to do surgery on his spinal cord. They say he pretty much going to be paralyzed in the legs,” Lisa Smith said.
    With no storm or rain at the time of the accident, the crashing limb surprised everyone. 
    William Smith has eight kids and his sister said the family can work through him being paralyzed and they're just happy he's alive.

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