Man accused of causing deadly crash after a pebble hit his windshield

By: Matt Johnson


COWETA COUNTY, Ga. - A man accused of causing a deadly crash by stopping his car to confront someone says it was not road rage.

Juan Marquez faced a judge Friday after he was accused of causing a crash in August that killed a Coweta County mother of five.

Georgia State Patrol said he stopped his car on I-85 South when a pebble hit his windshield.

Troopers said he thought the pebble came from a tractor-trailer, so he confronted the driver.

GSP said the tractor-trailer stopped as well, but 32-year-old Jessica Jose, of Grantville, slammed into the back of the tractor-trailer.


"It's got nothing to do with road rage at all. It's just an individual who was trying to get a driver's attention," said Marquez's attorney, Emmanuel West. "It's unfortunate that someone lost their life, but he didn't mean for that to happen."

Marquez has been charged with reckless driving and vehicular homicide.

"He's a nice guy, innocent until proven guilty," West said. 

Channel 2's Matt Johnson spoke to Jose's family shortly after the crash. Her mother said she holds Marquez responsible. 

"These kids will never heal from all of this. They will try, but they will never heal and I hope you know this and I hope you stay where you're at for a long time," Michelle Bennett said of Marquez.

The judge granted Marquez a $25,000 bond, but ordered him not to drive, even for work. West said Marquez is a father of six and a real estate contractor who owns his own business. He said being able to drive is how Marquez provides for his family. 

"That's created a lot of hardship for him and his family," West said. 

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