Court docs: Sneiderman suggests Sandra Bullock for possible movie deal


A selection from a motion to quash a subpoena filed by Ariela Neuman

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - New court filings reveal jail conversations between a woman accused of conspiring to kill her husband and her alleged new boyfriend.

The discussions include talk of a possible book or movie deal about the high-profile case.

Andrea Sneiderman is accused of pushing her former supervisor to gun down her husband outside a Dunwoody preschool in November 2010. Sneiderman was charged last year, but as of Tuesday, she faces a new 16-count indictment. Charges include murder, perjury and hindering the apprehension of a criminal.

Former General Electric supervisor Hemy Neuman is serving a life sentence as the triggerman in the case. His ex-wife, Ariela “Reli” Neuman, faces a subpoena for Sneiderman’s trial, but she’s fighting it.
Sneiderman’s defense team wants Neuman to turn over personal documents, including diaries and calendars from 2010. She said she doesn’t have them and they’re irrelevant to the case.

A motion filed Tuesday to overturn the subpoena references recorded conversations between Sneiderman and her friend, Joseph Dell. Prosecutors initially said Sneiderman was having an affair with Hemy Neuman, but they now suggest a romantic link with Dell.

"Evidence is starting to come up that might show it was not for Mr. Neuman to be (with) the defendant, but for someone else,” former DeKalb County prosecutor Don Geary said in November.  “Mr. Dell might be that someone else."

Tuesday’s motion quotes Sneiderman telling Dell from the DeKalb County Jail to take notes as the case progresses. She may being anticipating a movie deal coming out of the case, the court filing said.

“I know when this book comes out one day or movie or etc., it would be good for me to know in general what’s happened out there while I was in here,” Sneiderman said, according to the document.

She added, “I was thinking if Sandra Bullock wasn’t so old, she’d be a good choice. I watched the 'Miss Congeniality' movie … I thought she kind of has my personality, so, you know, that would be a good choice, but I think she might be a little old, so we’ll see.”