• Councilman wants to know if PARKatlanta parked illegally


    ATLANTA - Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall tells Channel 2 Action he will investigate to determine if employees with PARKatlanta, the private agency that enforces parking ordinances, is exempt from the laws.

    "If they are allowed to park like police cars, that's one thing. But if they are not, they should abide by the rules plain and simple," Hall said.

    The District 2 councilman was concerned after receiving a complaint from Atlanta resident Payne Broome.

    Broome showed Channel 2's Tom Regan pictures of a PARKatlanta car parked in front of a yellow painted curb and near a sign that indicated a towaway zone.

    "What bother me is just seeing it over and over. I would like PARKatlanta to follow the same laws the city is paying them to enforce." said Broome.

    A check of PARKatlanta's website showed the statement that a yellow curb means no stopping allowed.

    Channel 2 Action News sent a request for comment from PARKatlanta but had not received a response.

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