• Could Georgia congressman be new House majority leader?


    ATLANTA - UPDATE: June 2:

    Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia has decided not to seek a top leadership position in the House after Majority Leader Eric Cantor's decision to step down, saying he wants to focus on serving as the next chairman of the Budget Committee.



    An election shake-up in Virginia could have a significant impact in Georgia.
    Rep. Eric Cantor announced Wednesday that he will step down as House majority leader after his stunning primary defeat Tuesday.
    The move has political experts saying it gives more influence to Georgia Rep. Tom Price.
    House Republicans are expected to hold elections on a new leadership team next week.
    So far, Georgia's own Tom Price will not say whether he will run after Cantor's shocking loss. 
    “It’s disappointing, sure, but I believe in this country. I believe there's opportunity around the next corner for all of us,” Cantor said about his defeat.
    The question now is after Cantor’s stunning defeat, is opportunity knocking for members of Georgia’s delegation?
    Emory political science professor Merle Black says this is not about how popular you are in your district, it's how popular you are among your Republican colleagues. 
    “Right now, I’m sure there's a lot of politicking behind the scenes among rival Republicans who see themselves as the next majority leader,” Black said.
    All eyes are on now Price from north Fulton County.
    When Channel 2’s Lori Geary asked his spokesman whether Price was vying to be the next House majority leader, he released a statement that said it is too early to be focused on that. 
    “Right now, we need to get our Republican family together and discuss among our colleagues the way ahead as well as how we plan to continue fighting for positive, principled solutions on behalf of the American people," the statement said.
    “He already has an important policy position but the majority leader position is even bigger and even more consequential. I think he's the congressman from Georgia right now that has the greatest interest in terms of what happens if Cantor decides to vacate this leadership role,” Black said.  
    Cantor's successful Republican opponent hammered him on immigration reform, pointing out Cantor's position on amnesty for illegal immigrant children.
    Black said after Cantor's loss, the chances of getting a compromise on immigration before November are nil. 

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