• Copper thieves disable Ga. 400 cameras


    Police are looking for thieves who disabled cameras on Georgia Highway 400 to steal thousands of dollars in copper.

    The cameras are placed around the metro Atlanta area to keep track of traffic and hazardous conditions for Georgia Department of Transportation crews to respond to. On Monday, thieves ripped out wires from the cameras, leaving the DOT in the dark.

    "Having those cameras operable is important," GDOT's Mark McKinnon told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik. "That's what helps your average motorist get to work each day, that we're able to see what's going on out there."

    When cameras went black on Ga. 400 at the Chattahoochee River, GDOT got suspicious and called police.

    "When they got out there, they realized copper and fiber had been stolen from a junction box out there," McKinnon said.

    He said stolen wiring delays projects and wastes taxpayer dollars.

    Copper thieves also stole wiring from signals at the newly reopened Mitchell Street Bridge in downtown Atlanta. They are not able to get the signal to operate until they replace it.

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