Convenience store raided over synthetic marijuana sales


Investigators with the Bartow-Cartersville drug task force seized about $15,000 of so-called synthetic marijuana.

Authorities said the synthetic marijuana was packaged and being sold under names like "Scooby snacks," "mad hatter," "manic organ," and "sexy."

Investigators said there is a common misconception that the product is legal.

"In the state of Georgia, there is no such thing as legal marijuana. There is no substitute or anything similar to that legal in the state of Georgia," task force Comm. Mark Mayton said. "I think people have this misconception that just because they bought it at a store, makes iy legal, and it doesn't."

Authorities said the product all came from the BP convenience store on Cassville Road in Cartersville. They set up a sting operation after residents complained.

Channel 2's Eric Philips questioned a worker at the store. The worker said he did not know about the synthetic marijuana and was not aware on any illegal activity at the store.

Investigators said regardless of legal issues, synthetic marijuana is dangerous.

"People think that it's organic, in fact it's not it comes out of a chemical," Mayton said. "If you're using it, it's putting deadly chemicals into your body which could cause death."

Charges stemming from Monday's raid are pending.