• Congressman John Lewis joins crowd demonstrating in Atlanta


    ATLANTA - Congressman John Lewis and a crowd of thousands marched in solidarity with those demonstrating in Ferguson, Missouri.
    Many of the demonstrators held pictures of Michael Brown as they chanted their message.
    The estimated 2,000 people marched through downtown Atlanta for the teenager killed in a police shooting more 500 miles away. Local organizers believe they can still impact change.
    "We're standing in solidarity with Ferguson and all of the efforts that are happening there. The peaceful protests, the anger the emotions and we're here to support them," said demonstrator Aurielle Lucier.
    Many people marched through a heavy downpour Monday evening.
    "To march through the rain was more significant to the cause to show and demonstrate to our peers and to the world that we're serious about change,” said law student Anthony Showell.
    With the students and other concerned citizens, was civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis. He's well aware of the confrontational protests and the teargas that has followed in Ferguson.
    "It is my hope that people will continue to act in a peaceful, orderly and nonviolent way. We have a right to protest for what is right as Dr. King said,” Lewis said.
    The crowd was also aware of surveillance video that police suggest shows Michael Brown stealing from a convenience store and recently released independent autopsy results.
    "His autopsy, the convenience store, whether or not he did charge at the police has not changed our mission, because police brutality is still very real," said demonstrator Janetta Hill.
    Police stood watch and directed traffic as the crowd, mostly students, some in their cap and gowns, completed their peaceful protest.
    "There are young people being executed in the streets and that's what I see, a nation responding,” Lucier said.
    The rally and march ended without incident. Organizers said the demonstration was put together in the spirit of nonviolence.

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