• Computer database mix up leads to man's detention

    By: Rachel Stockman


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - DeKalb County police launched an internal investigation after authorities failed to update a computer database to reflect a carjacking victim’s car being returned to the rightful owner. The mix up led police to detain Xavier Darity, the victim and rightful owner of the car, and other family members outside of a DeKalb County home.
    According to a police report, Darity was carjacked at gun point earlier this month.
    “I reported it stolen. OnStar located it for me, I got it back that same night,” said Darity.
    The stolen car was returned to Darity on Jan. 9, according to a police report. Nearly 10 days later, Darity said he was followed by police as he pulled into friend’s driveway on Cross Lane in DeKalb County. Shortly after, Darity said the home was surrounded by police, and the road was blocked.
    “I was in my night gown, they told me to get up, ‘Put your hands up and shut up,’” Nannette Wilcox, the homeowner, told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman.
    “They had guns pointing at me, lasers on my forehead ,” said neighbor Gregory Wilcox.
    “Guns everywhere, they (police) was like 20 deep,” said Dnarre Kennard, who lives next door.
    A spokesperson for Dekalb County Police said somehow the information about the stolen car was not correctly inputted into the National Crime Information Center system, and the Camaro still came up stolen, when police ran a check on it.
    “It is a dumb excuse.  It means somebody is dropping the ball and we need to get it right,” Nanette Wilcox said.
    “One of the officers proceeded to I guess call the dispatcher, and they said he was the victim in the carjacking, and they was like, ‘Oh, we apologize,’” Darity said.
    But Darity, and the homeowners, say an apology is not enough.
    “I want more than just, 'I’m sorry.’ You humiliated my whole family in front of the neighbors, you were blocking people’s driveways,” Darity said
    “An internal investigation was launched as to why the information was not properly entered into the NCIC system.  As for the other allegations, there has been no formal complaint filed but we are looking into all circumstances surrounding the incident.,” said Mekka Parish, a spokesperson for DeKalb County police.

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