Company 6 weeks late with youth roller hockey team jerseys

by: Amy Napier Viteri Updated:


A local youth roller hockey team is missing their new jerseys that were supposed to be delivered six weeks ago.

The Peachtree Booster's Club Predators 8 and under and 10 and under travel teams prepared for their third weekend tournament without uniforms on Thursday.

Barbara Young told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri she paid $75 for a custom jersey in February.

Her 6-year-old son Nolan wears a borrowed jersey with someone else's name on the back.

"When I watch him play, he's David Ford, but his real name is Nolan," Young said.

Coach William Page said he paid $1,800 to a company called Playmaker Apparel.

He said the North Carolina based company cashed the check within a week, but 11 weeks later, his team has no uniforms.

"Another tournament coming up this weekend. It's our third of 6 and I'm not going to have jerseys," Page said.

The website for Playmaker Apparel said it's under construction.

Viteri sent an email asking about the jerseys and got a response from Playmaker, which said the company is shutting down its custom uniform department.

The email read, in part: "It has been a constant headache to deal with our now former manufacturer overseas to the point that we are getting out of that side of our business. We have no intention of ripping off anyone."

Page said his team isn't the only one without uniforms. He showed Viteri an email from a hockey coach at Mill Creek High School in Flowery Branch.

It said that team never got their uniforms from the company, either. Instead of a refund, the coach said the company sent a "bad check."

Young said with only three tournaments left, she does not expect the jerseys to make it on time.

"It looks right now like it's probably not going to happen," Young said.

The company said they plan to fulfill the order and could make the delivery by May. The email also said the company plans to provide some kind of refund, but could not specify what amount.