• Community helps family finish dream home after tragedy

    By: Diana Davis


    ATHENS, Ga. - The Athens community is coming together Saturday to help the family of a father of five. The was killed by a falling tree just a few weeks ago.
    He had just bought a new home for his family but was killed before he could fix it up.
    An army of volunteers, family and friends are making sure that Pedro Gorosquieta's dream comes true. The father of five was killed when high winds slammed an oak tree into his van.
    The family lived in a trailer for about 10 years.
    Gorosquieta bought a “fixer-upper” home but was killed before he could start renovations.
     “I don’t want nothing to happen to it because for me it’s a memory for my dad,” said Pedro’s daughter Floribel Gorosquieta.
    Now, 11-year-old Floribel, her brother, three sisters and their mother will start over there.
    “This house was part of the dream and we are going to ensure that the dream lives,” said the children’s principal Xerona Thoams.
    The kids' school and community raised money for the makeover after Pedro Gorosquieta's death.
    The children’s mother doesn’t speak English but her children's teacher said she is thankful.
    “She's not someone who asks for help and that's what really makes this nice because she's not coming to the school and community with her hand out, instead we’re coming to her with our arms open,” said school counselor Scott Emard.
    There will be a new roof, floors and doors for the home. Volunteers are following the plans Pedro Gorosquieta made before his death. His kids told me family always came first.
    “He would take care of us and he said when we need something he's there for us,” Floribel Gorosquieta said.
    Now, the community is there for the family. Though many have made donations, more are needed.
    The house is not on a city water line. It has a well but the concern is the well has run dry and it will take a lot of money to get it up and running.
    “What we really need is someone who has expertise in that field to come out and take a look at it and if it needs something to help us out,” Emard said.
    Pedro Gorosquieta planted his family's vegetable garden before he died. It will be another memory of the husband and father this family will hold close.

    You can donate to the family at this link.

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