Colotl fate rests on DA, Sheriff deal



COBB COUNTY, Ga.,None - The fate of a former Kennesaw State University student at the center of an illegal immigration controversy remains uncertain.

On Friday, Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge attended a court hearing for 23-year-old Jessica Colotl. Her case has brought national attention to immigration laws in the United States.

Colotl, a Mexican native, was accused of lying about her address when she was charged with driving without a license last year. She was nearly deported when it was found that she was in the U.S. illegally.

In court, a judge was expected to decide whether she could enter a program that would allow her to bypass criminal conviction, but no conclusion was reached. Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren and District Attorney Pat Head were called as witnesses on the pretrial diversion program.

Head said he had authority to put Colotl in a diversion program, but Warren recommended otherwise. After he said she had no respect for laws and law enforcement, the judge told the two officials negotiate. Court was adjourned shortly before 10 a.m.