College student arrested for building bombs during ATF raid

by: Mark Winne Updated:

Celia Savage

GAINESVILLE, Ga. - A federal magistrate judge denied bond for a north Georgia college student Thursday who the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said admitted building bombs.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne confirmed Wednesday a small army of ATF, FBI, GBI and local law enforcement raided a house in the woods where the girl lives near Cornelia.

The girl's father told Winne she's not a danger.

"Oh, she's a real good person," Tommy Savage said about his daughter Celia. "She likes to hunt and fish. She loves shooting. She goes sky diving. All kinds of stuff like that that you wouldn't really typically think of a young lady doing

"What goes on in your heart and mind when you realize they're arresting your daughter?" Winne asked Savage.

"I wish the government would stay out of my business or her business or whoevers," Savage answered.

Winne found fascinating photos on Facebook through her name and now federal documents show Celia Savage facing some fascinating charges.

A sworn statement by an ATF agent said she illegally possessed a destructive device and possessed firearms while being an illegal drug user.

Tommy Savage told Winne his daughter Celia is a church-going college student but also is a daddy's girl, hunting and fishing as she grew up. Like him, she is also a fierce advocate of the right to keep and bear arms.

"Is she a gun toting terrorist of any kind?" Winne asked Tommy Savage.

"Not hardly," Savage answered, laughing.

Savage said his daughter's not a militia member but she shares his dislike of government.

"The government, don't have a whole lot of use for," Savage said. "I think everybody ought to be able to stay on their property, do whatever the heck they want to."

Savage confirms she's in a YouTube video where she exploded a commode.

The ATF agent's statement suggests Savage told an FBI agent she likes to blow up toilets in the woods.

Celia Savage allegedly has said she made five to seven pipe bombs of various sizes and that "manufacturing explosive devices and detonating them for recreation was her hobby.

But one wonders if she'll have to face up to statements on Facebook.

"I despise all law enforcement and any governing authority. I am not one for selective targeting but mass destruction," one statement said on her Facebook page.

Her dad said neither he nor his daughter advocate violence toward the government.

Documents allege suspect pot and suspected meth were found. They said Celia used pot the previous day and meth two months ago.

Her dad said to his knowledge his daughter is not a drug user but he's concerned about some of the people she's been hanging out with.