Mother charged with vehicular homicide in deadly wreck that killed daughter


COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A Douglas County mother is now facing charges in a deadly crash that killed her 3-year-old.
Police say her erratic driving contributed to the crash. Now officers are trying to find her.
Mikkaila Green's friends set up a fundraising account for the young mother to help pay for funeral expenses.
Now she might need bail money. Police have charged her with vehicular homicide.
Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt first went to her small home near Douglasville back in November, hours after the bizarre crash on Interstate 20 that left her 3-year-old son dead.
An SUV had slammed into the rear of Green's car. The impacted ejecting and killing her son.
Information on the arrest report Cavitt got in this case said for some reason Green's BMW was traveling from side to side on I-20.
Then information investigators were able to gleam off the computers in the victim's SUV shows Green's car had come to almost a complete stop in the travel lanes.
The warrant said readings off the victim's Airbag Control Module helped them pinpoint Green's speed at between zero and 10 miles an hour at impact.
The report gives no clue as to why Green may have stopped in the middle of the interstate.
"It’s unbelievable what information is gathered about our footprint," said security expert Brent Brown
Brown told Cavitt that investigators are trying to keep ahead of the computerized curve.
"They have access and they are savvy enough to use it," Brown said.
And in more and more cases, its information gathering that can't been turned off by a switch.
"There are always things about turning cellphones off and iPads off and those things you carry with you but imbedded in an automobile and those things you can't turn those things off," Brown said.

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