Cobb County residents fight to block Braves stadium funding



COBB COUNTY, Ga - A dozen Cobb County residents fought Monday to block public funding for the new Atlanta Braves stadium.

The county plans on issuing nearly $400 million in bonds for the new stadium. A group of citizens spent hours Monday in court telling a judge why they believe that shouldn’t happen.

One by one, nearly 12 citizens turned what would have been a routine bond validation hearing into the latest effort to stop the new Atlanta Braves stadium.

“This is unheard of. I don’t think there’s ever been a bond validation hearing where there’s been this kind of attention,” citizen Gary Pelphrey said.

Citizens spoke out in Cobb County superior court for the better part of six hours, arguing that public money should not go to revenue bonds, but the Cobb Marietta Coliseum Authority shot back.

"This arrangement is legal, this arrangement is permissible under our constitution," Coliseum Authority Kevin Moore said.

Cobb County Commission Chairman Tim Lee was called to the stand, but didn’t budge under extensive questioning.

"Those issues have been addressed. They been brought forward by citizen intervenes in prior bond validation cases for revenue bonds, the supreme court said that's not right, we don't agree," Moore said.

Officials told Channel 2's Carl Willis that's because it's an intergovernmental agreement.

The citizens who spoke out say that doesn't make it automatic.

The judge said he intends to have a decision by the end of the month.