Cobb County releases key document detailing agreement with Braves over new stadium



COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has taken a closer look at the "Memorandum of Understanding" between Cobb County and the Atlanta Braves, released late Tuesday evening.

The document outlines Cobb County's $300 million share of the $672 million project.

According to the document, the Braves and the county will work together on the design, but the Braves will get the final say. And once complete, the Braves must commit to remaining at the stadium for 30 years.

The Braves will handle any cost overruns unless the county requests design changes. Plus, the Braves will be responsible for developing shops and restaurants on the property.

"Some of the details that were not available in the general release put out a week ago, are in the 'Memorandum of Understanding,'" said Cobb County Commission Chair Tim Lee. "The details that were needed to be in this are in here, and I think they'll be satisfied that in fact what we say we're going to do is what we're going to do."

Commissioners will be asked to vote on the "Memorandum of Understanding" next week.