Cobb County man wanted for domestic terrorism arrested near New York City

by: Ross Cavitt Updated:


MARIETTA, Ga. - Police have captured a Cobb County man wanted for being an alleged domestic terrorist after a month-long nationwide manhunt.

The manhunt came to an end with the arrest of Bradley Clark near New York City.

During that search for Clark, he called and left a message for Channel 2's Ross Cavitt.

It was a month ago when the Cobb County SWAT team took over a Cumberland apartment complex searching for Clark.

He'd been arrested days earlier on an unrelated charge, but when investigators went through what they'd found in his apartment, including guns, a gas mask, articles and research on assassinations, then checked his Facebook page in which he vowed to work for the destruction of the human race, the search for Clark became serious.

A warrant charging him with domestic terrorism noted a picture of Jack Ruby's assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald with an Obama campaign sticker on it.

Clark was not in his apartment and the search for him was on.

Many days later, Clark left Cavitt a voice mail, replying to an earlier message, claiming he did not know he was a fugitive.

"I've been working out of town the past couple of weeks and I have only learned through the phone of the craziness that has gone on," Clark said on the message.

Clark claimed on the message he was heading back to town to meet with his attorney.

Investigators told Cavitt that Clark had, instead, headed overseas.

Agents with the Cobb County sheriff's fugitive unit, US Marshals and the NY Port Authority arrested Clark near New York City earlier this week.

Security experts told Cavitt in these post 9-11 days, this kind of stuff won't be ignored.

"They're going to send people out. They're going to see what it is. They're going to do their research, do their investigation. That may be the end of it. But it could be the start of something much bigger than that," security expert Brent Brown said.

On the voice mail, Clark advised Cavitt to talk to his attorney.

Cavitt tried several times to talk to his attorney but never got a response.

Clark also faces a number of other charges. He is being held without bond in the Cobb County Jail.