• Cobb Co. family finds burning cross, deer meat on lawn


    WOODSTOCK, Ga. - A Cobb County family says they’re having a hard time sleeping after someone left a burning cross and bloody deer meat on their front lawn.

    The four brothers have been rotating sleeping hours at their Woodstock home so someone is awake at all times.

    Kenny Louis said he and his brothers are ready to move.

    “We don’t know what’s the next step or how far they’re willing to go,” Louis said.

    Sunday night around midnight, Louis and his brothers were at their home when they noticed something glowing outside. They were shocked by what they found outside.

    “We just see a flaming cross right there on the ground and we’re just shocked, like, what?” Louis said.

    Louis said he was primarily concerned about the safety of his brother’s four children and his pregnant girlfriend inside the home.

    “We looked at our front door and noticed our cat was eating something, we’re like, ‘We didn’t put food on the ground.’ So we looked there and we realized it was two big chunks of meat,” Kerry Louis said.

    The brothers said investigators later confirmed it was deer meat.

    The brothers said whoever did this must have seen their lights on, they were on the other side of the front door playing video games.

    “Don’t feel safe at home anymore. Don’t feel safe sleeping,” Kerry Louis said. “Don’t come back again. Don’t come back again, we’ve got guns and stuff.”

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