Cobb attorney joining class-action lawsuit against GM over ignition recall

by: Jim Strickland Updated:


COBB COUNTY, Ga. - The Cobb County attorney credited with exposing delays in the General Motors ignition recall said the company's proposed fix falls short.
Lance Cooper and several other lawyers are joining forces in a class-action against the automaker filed in California. 
Cooper's work has already prompted four federal investigations.
Now he's hoping to prompt a whole new fix, and compensation for car owners who've suffered a loss of value.
"They're partially fixing the problem.  It may reduce the number of incidents in the future, but the incidents are still likely to happen," Cooper told Channel 2's Jim Strickland.
Cooper said he has obtained evidence, some of which is shielded by the court, that GM engineers have admitted they need to either move the key or shield it from interference. 
Right now, the company plans to only replace weak ignition switches. Cars switching off by themselves are blamed for 15 deaths.
Video testimony of GM's top ignition engineer Ray DeGiorgio shows him denying that he approved a stronger spring plunger to fix the switch problem.
"Absolutely not.  Had I done so I would have had to complete another work order to document the change," said DeGiorgio in an April 2013 deposition.
Strickland obtained a 2006 document called a "validation," in which DeGiorgio signs off on a new and improved switch spring. 
The document contradicts his testimony and prompted Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill to say of DeGiorgio: "He lied."
A GM spokesperson says they're not commenting on pending litigation.