Clerk recounts frightening armed robbery



CONYERS, Ga. - A 22-year-old clerk at a QuikTrip gas station recently was caught in the middle of an armed robbery. Police are still investigating to see if the crime can be connected to other gas station holdups.

"The guy at the door had a gun pointed at me. And it was really scary," said convenience store clerk Jasmine Chatman.

Chatman told Channel 2's Tom Regan two men burst into the store on West Avenue in Conyers late on Aug. 24.

The men ordered her to empty the cash registers. Surveillance video shows the clerk holding her head down and complying with the robbers demands.

"I just reacted. It was something, like, I couldn't even look at them again. I just kept looking down trying not to make eye contact," Chatman said.

Conyers police Sgt. Chris Moon said the gunman threatened the clerk and customers. Both robbers fled.

A getaway driver crashed following a police chase, they said. Three men, between 18 and 22 were taken into custody. The robbers took less than $100.

Investigators are checking to see if any of them can be linked to a recent QuikTrip robbery in Snellville.