Clayton State students not alerted of assault reports

by: Tom Jones Updated:


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Students at a Clayton County university are questioning why they weren't told about two reported sexual assaults at a campus dorm.

On Thursday, Channel 2’s Tom Jones talked to a student who said she didn't know about the incidents.

"Not this semester, I haven't heard anything," Meagan Dent said.
Clayton State University officials said one student reported being sexually assaulted in Laker Hall Aug. 10. Another reported being sexually assaulted Aug. 21, but the university didn't send out email alerts.
School spokesman John Shiffert said the nature of the incidents didn't fit the requirements to issue a timely warning. Schiffert also said the victims knew their alleged attackers and there was no immediate threat to the student body. 

"The individuals were identified from the very beginning," Shiffert said.
But they hadn't been arrested.
In the first incident, a student reported she was out drinking, felt ill and went back to her dorm. She said she woke up to find another student on her bloody body and her underwear had been removed.
A second student reported an unrelated similar assault but school officials said one of the two students withdrew her complaint days after filing it.
Students said they should have been informed, even if an alleged victim knew her attacker.

"It makes no difference. He didn't have permission to do it, so he didn't have no reason to do it. I still would want to know for my own safety," Brittany Smith said.s

Jasmeen Sapp said, "If it goes on on campus, then everybody should know.”
After sharing student concerns, Shiffert said the school is rethinking its decision not to share the incidents.

"It doesn't hurt to let students know," Shiffert said.