• Student charged after bringing BB gun to school


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Clayton County middle school went on lockdown Thursday because police say a student brought a BB gun pistol to school.

    Just Wednesday police say a student had a real, but unloaded gun at a Clayton County high school.

    North Clayton Middle School was on a soft lockdown for about a half-hour in the middle of the day. The BB gun officers found on campus was a realistic-looking weapon.

    The Clayton County school police chief said a male student had it in his locker.

    “One of the students overheard a conversation about the young man in possession of a weapon and once that student was identified, the weapon was recovered from a gym bag, correction, a book bag, in a locker,” said school police chief Clarence Cox.

    That student now faces charges of having a weapon on campus, disruption of a public school and carrying a concealed weapon.

    “He's a juvenile. Not necessarily a bad student. He made a bad decision today and he's going to pay the price for it,” Cox said.

    Clayton County Schools dealt with a real gun on Wednesday at Lovejoy High School and a fake gun at another school less than a week before.

    “I'm very frustrated. I spent this week down at the Capitol fighting against teachers being armed with weapons at school. And I'm certainly not going to be happy with our young folks bringing guns into our schools,” Cox said.

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