Clayton Co. School Board debates superintendent's early release plan


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Tensions were high at the Clayton County School Board meeting Monday night as the superintendent rolled out a controversial plan to dismiss students early.

Superintendent Ed Heatley said schools need to let out early on Wednesdays so teachers can have time to complete paperwork and professional development projects.

“The decision for implementing the minimum-day schedule was in the best interest of all,” Heatley said.

A notice went out to parents two weeks ago informing them of the schedule change, but some said that is not enough time to make plans.

“We need to have more time to be able to digest what’s going on and to implement the things we need to do,” parent Richard Jones said.

Another parent cited financial concerns, saying she could not afford additional child care.

It’s not just parents who are against the plan. Board member Jessie Goree said she found out about the plan at the same time as the general public.

“As the school board, it is our responsibility to be the supervisor to the superintendent,” Goree said.

The school board members told Heatley that they wanted to see proof that the plan does not violate any state regulations. He said he would provide the proof this week.

A final decision on the plan will be made at next Monday’s board meeting.