• City workers protest outside Atlanta City Hall


    ATLANTA - Dozens of Atlanta city workers gathered outside City Hall on Thursday morning to fight for a pay raise.

    Channel 2’s Ryan Young went to the rally, where about 70 police officers, firefighters and other city workers were marching and chanting.

    "We're just sick and tired of the city not investing in us," retired officer Carrie Mills said.

    Last week, Mayor Kasim Reed offered a one percent salary increase to more than 6,300 city employees who make less than $60,000 per year. The group is demanding at least a five percent raise. Protesters said the mayor's offer is not enough in light of the rise in health care and pension costs.

    The workers have also used billboards around Atlanta to express their demands. They say, “First to respond, Last to get paid.” The signs also say the city council received a 52 percent salary increase.

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